Monday, January 19, 2009

Mammoth Pattern Miner - cool WPF application from AGH Department of Computer Science

I'm very excited to announce that a few days ago my university's Department of Computer Science has released the first version of Mammoth Pattern Miner 2009 (MPM), an application I'm currently actively developing (not alone of course :) ). The MPM is a data mining application that is able to analyze large amount of data and discover frequent sets and sequences, partial frequent sets and some user defined patterns. It uses some well known data mining algorithms as well as some custom implementations. Of course, it provides rich visualization capabilities, many filters and extensible application architecture (by the way, which application is not extensible nowadays :P ).

Here are some screen shots from the current release (click image to enlarge it). I'll try to post a video showing the system in action when I have a little free time.

Main view

Visualization and undocked Project Explorer (yes, every window is dockable)

Yet another visualization, tree this time :)

Mammoth Pattern Miner begun as an application that accompanied my master's thesis which has been developed during my stay at UTBM in France in 2008. After I graduated, I was given the opportunity to continue working on this project at my university. To cut the long story short, I simply accepted it.

Now, Mammoth is a mature software product which provides quite big functionality. Nevertheless, there's still much work to do ;)

Just in case you are curious, Mammoth uses Microsoft's .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, WPF and SQL Server 2005. It runs pretty fast on my Lenovo T61p laptop. However, big data sets require lots of ram.

Mammoth official site, for now available in polish only, is located at If you think you or your work might benefit from using this software, please email me.

Hope you liked it!

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