Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Geeks On Tour – Me speaking about MEF/MefContrib / Extensibility

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I’m happy to announce that between April 18th and 20th 2011 I will be speaking on Geeks on Tour roadshow! Three days, three cities – Katowice, Wrocław, Poznań, two presentations each day. Wondering what MEF is ? How does it relate to IoC and Managed Addin Framework ? When to choose which ? What’s MefContrib and how it can help you ? How to write your custom MEF extensions ? Join me on the talks to find out this and many more! You can find more details about the event, including detailed agenda, on geeksontour.pl official page!

I will be covering all the aspects regarding MEF, its strong and week sides, how does MEF relate to other technologies. I will be showing some of the cool features MEF team is preparing as part of MEF 2 release. I will show some cool features which are part of MefContrib project. Finally, I will deep dive into MEF internals, I will show how to write custom exporters and catalogs. The presentations will be held in Polish. Entrance is free :) See you there!

Presentation and full source code is available below.

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