Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mammoth Pattern Miner 2009 April CTP Showcase

As promised in my last post about Mammoth some time ago, here's a four minute video presenting Mammoth in action. The video was made by co-author of Mammoth, my friend Arkadiusz Świerczek, and was presented on Europoltech 2009 conference in Warsaw. The video is soundless and is in polish, but if you're not polish, you can still get the idea of what Mammoth is all about :)

Just to let you know (if you already don't), Mammoth is a data mining and visualization solution that can discover frequent and user defined patterns in various sets of data. The program is easily extensible, so adding new algorithms, visualizations, etc., is a piece of cake.

We plan to release public, free version by the end of august 2009.

Since the last CTP, we have slightly updated technologies that are behind Mammoth. So besides .NET 3.5 SP1, WPF, Prism 2.0, Unity 1.2, Enterprise Library 4.1 and SQL Server 2005, we are using Managed Extensibility Framework Preview 5 which is labeled as a stable release.

As far as MEF is concerned, we've developed custom, simple yet robust Unity + MEF integration layer. As far as I can say for now, our MEF + Unity integration layer works flawlesly and provides combined power of both frameworks. If you are curious how we did it, check it out on my SVN Code Gallery. I will also write a separate post entirely devoted to MEF + Unity integration related stuff.

Meanwhile, enjoy the vid!

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